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A powerful super concentrated neutral detergent. Primarily used as a manual washing up liquid in commercial kitchens where high volume use requires ultimate control. It can also be used at extremely high dilutions for general hard surface and floor cleaning. To aid product recognition the ARPAX A9 product label, the solutions, both concentrated and diluted, and the label on the dispenser and trigger bottle are green.

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Pack Size: 1x2lt

Used for washing up pans, utensils and other catering equipment that will not fit into the dishwasher. Arpax A9 is designed to remove starches, grease and stubborn residues from larger catering utensils. Remember, highly soiled items should be soaked in a hot water and chemical solution before normal washing up commences.

Caution: This product is designed to degrease plates and utensils, so it will de-fat hands also with prolonged use without protective clothing. Please ensure you wear rubber gloves at all times.      

ARPAX A9 must be diluted before use using an Arpax over-sink or bottle fill dispenser. For a sink cleaning solution add between two and four plunges of dispenser to a sink of water depending on the degree of soiling.

Over Sink Fill Instruction:

  1. Pull GREEN lever in an upward direction until it CLICKS to prime the unit.
  2. Pull lever towards you in an upward direction until it CLICKS. This is now ready to vend.
  3. To vend product PUSH lever downwards. The concentrate will be dispensed into the sink at the correct dilution to water.
  4. Wait for the green indicator to reappear in the window before vending again. It is suggested that 2-3 plunges is sufficient product in sink of warm wash water.

Cross-Contamination Prevention

Premises should note that if there is no ability to gain thermal disinfection through an automatic dish or glass washing machine, to avoid a risk of cross contamination, a two-stage cleaning and disinfection washing up process as best practice:

Stage 1 Cleaning: Remove food debris then manually wash dishes or equipment and allow sufficient time for the product to penetrate the soiling, agitating heavily soiled areas if necessary. Rinse with fresh clean water or wipe down with a clean damp cloth.

Stage 2 Sanitising: In a separate sink prepare a disinfectant solution which meets BS EN 1267 standard. Immerse washed items into the disinfection solution and allow sufficient contact time before rinsing the surface with fresh clean water or a clean damp cloth. Allow to air-dry or dry the surface with a separate clean dry cloth.

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